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Thomas J Powell Scholarship

Concept To Creation

Steps For Going From Concept To Creation- By Thomas J Powell

Do you have a creative concept or idea that you want to bring to life? Are you curious about the steps needed in order for your concept to become a reality? Then this blog post is just for you; here, we’ll be covering all of the necessary elements and details that go into turning something from a mere thought inside your head into an actual physical manifestation. With Thomas J Powell’s guide, soon enough, you can take pride in increasingly crafted creations!

Thomas J Powell Lists Steps For Going From Concept To Creation

The journey of creating a concept and turning it into reality requires a series of steps, says Thomas J Powell. Here are the key steps for going from concept to creation:

  1. Ideation – Brainstorming ideas is the first step in creating a new product, service, or program. This process involves researching existing solutions and identifying areas of improvement. It involves asking questions about customer needs, trends, technologies, and other factors that can influence the outcome. During this stage, teams should also consider options for bringing their idea to life and evaluate potential risks or issues associated with taking on such an endeavor.

Data: According to the Harvard Business Review, 65% of executives say ideation is crucial to driving innovation within their organizations. Furthermore, over half of the executives surveyed indicated that their idea-generation methods were not generating the desired results.

Example: A local restaurant chain is looking for ways to reach new customers and bring in more revenue. They decide to brainstorm ideas for a new menu item, carrying out research on customer needs, trends, and technologies. Through this process, they develop an innovative concept for a plant-based burger which proves to be very successful.

  1. Design – Once the team has come up with an initial concept, it’s time, as per Thomas J Powell, to focus on designing the details of the product, service, or program, such as size, shape, colors, and other elements that will contribute to its look and feel. During this stage, teams might utilize mock-ups or conduct user testing in order to refine the design and make sure that it meets customer needs.

Data: Deloitte’s research has shown that companies that place emphasis on design have seen a 32% increase in customer satisfaction and a 5-15% rise in revenue. Furthermore, data from Design Council UK indicates that every £1 invested in design results in a return of up to £20 for the business.

Example: The restaurant chain revisits its concept for the plant-based burger and begins designing its look and feel. Through user testing, they discovered customers prefer when the patty is cut into triangles rather than circles, so they adjusted their design accordingly. They also finalize other details, such as the type of bun, condiments, and toppings that will be included.

Thomas J Powell’s Concluding Thoughts

According to Thomas J Powell, going from concept to creation can be an arduous process, but with the right plan and dedication, it’s possible to create something truly special that will be embraced by customers or users all over the world. By following these steps, teams can ensure that their idea is given its best chance at success.