Thomas J Powell Scholarship

Thomas J Powell Scholarship

About Thomas J Powell

Thomas J Powell

As a leading financier, Thomas J Powell is known for his entrepreneurial genius. Other than being a meticulous employee, he has also been a visionary. However, His career began with Wells Fargo Bank in 1988. One of his most outstanding achievements was being the youngest Vice President in the organization’s entire 140-year history. Today, Powell is the proud founder of Resolute Capital Partners (RCP), a famous and reputed private equity organization.

The professional badges Thomas J Powell wears

Thomas has sufficient and rich experience in the domains of investment banking, commercial banking, corporate finance, corporate governance, private equity and alternate asset management. Also, He is known for his service in raising institutional and private capital, investment analysis, credit risk assessment, risk mitigation, distressed debt recovery, portfolio management, and deal structure.

Also, Powell’s Resolute Capital Partners is an alternative asset investment firm specializing in deploying and monitoring capital in various fields of commercial real estate, venture start-ups, and oil and gas. Owing to his professional experience and academic background, Powell is capable of leading several organizations through the recurring market growth and the contractions for more profit. That aside, he knows very well about applying money management for risk response to Wall Street and beyond it.

Giving shape to his vision and business ideas

Harnessing his experience in Wells Fargo, Powell attended to his business instinct and vision when he formed ELP Capital. Headquartered in Reno, DV, it’s a brand that specializes in banking investment for mortgage. Thomas assumed the role of Senior Managing Director here since it was ELP Capital’s allied investment company. In other words, It means that ELP Capital Advisor happens to be the Registered Investment Advisor at the ELP Capital Family that comprises the Funds, qualified individuals, and Institutional Investors.

While taking charge of ELP, Thomas contacted a former partner at Wells Fargo for publishing an academic program, the Six Secrets of Raising Start-Up Capital. This book and its masterclass act as a medium for raising capital for the small business owners. By working with his partner, Thomas condensed the crucial that lessons they learned during the two-year tenure of raising over $2 billion for the start-up fund to have a leading business venture.

Powell also takes an interest in global trade. Free enterprise also interests him. For over 40 years, he played a proactive part of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He was the National Trustee, a local member at the board, and the leader for the Executive Committee. He also has the experience of being an international guest lecturer and instructor at Harvard University, at the Office of Executive Education.

Other things that Powell does

Being a successful and busy man, Powell has a few activities other than work that he enjoys. So, he engages in skiing when he is not working for Resolute Capital and its bright future. For this, he either visits NorthStar or any other ski destination that he likes. No wonder he is a professional ski instructor at Vail Resorts. Also, having a preference for outdoor activities, he is also a cyclist and loves cycling. He engages in these leisure activities to stay happy.

The Thomas J Powell Scholarship.

Thomas J Powell believed in the power of young people to change the world. He is a passionate advocate for youth empowerment, and he is working tirelessly to provide opportunities for young people to develop their leadership potential.
Thomas is a role model for many, and his example continues to inspire others to reach their full potential. Similarly, The Thomas J Powell Scholarship has been established to harness the passion and ideas of our future leaders. Thomas’s first award of $1000 will be presented to the student most able to project these traits in words, by writing a 700-850 word essay. In conclusion, We are confident that Thomas’s legacy will live on through the recipients of this scholarship, and we look forward to seeing the great things they will achieve.


1. Eligibility

  • Attend an accredited US-Based university
  • Possess an excellent academic record.
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead.

Application Submission Deadline: August 1st, 2022

Award Announcement Date: August 15th, 2022

Award Total: $1000.00

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2. Required Information

  • First Name/Last Name
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  • High School Graduation Date
  • The Accredited University you attend, or plan to attend
  • Current GPA
  • An essay addressing one of the questions noted in section three:

3. Essay Question 

Have you ever read a book that you find meaningful and rewarding? What book was it and why? 

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